Girl Happy, 1964 - Outfit #9

Girl Happy, 1964 - Outfit #8

Elvis wearing the Aztec Star aka Tiffany jumpsuit in Honolulu, HI, November 18, 1972.

Kissin’ Cousins, 1964 - Outfit #7

Kissin’ Cousins, 1964 - Outfit #6

Elvis wearing the Wheat aka Light Blue Grass jumpsuit with the White Fireworks belt, at Madison Square Garden, June 10, 1972.

Girl Happy, 1964 - Outfit #7

“Bill Belew created his jumpsuits with Elvis’ approval on the concepts. For his stage show in LV Elvis told Bill he liked high collars and he wanted to be able to move freely in his costumes. If there was a particular design Elvis liked he would tell Bill and Bill would create it. Bill also designed the black leather outfit Elvis wore for the Singer 68 Special and many more.”

Priscilla Presley via FB - ("Did Elvis design his jumpsuits? Which was your favorite?")


Elvis Presley, wearing the Totem Pole jumpsuit during tour on July, 1975.

Kissin’ Cousins, 1964 - Outfit #5